Topazio Medio Mirror - 10 x 20mm

  • Description

    *3.5mm thick
    *200 plates = 1m2
    *UV and frost resistant
    *cut using traditional glass tools

    This is mouthblown glass by Effetre of Murano (also called Morretti Lastre) it is inherently un even with bubbles and ripples, this is considered desirable and is not a flaw. These pieces are only approximations of size as the edges are not totally straight. A modern "wet" process for silver coating treats the glass with tin(II) chloride to improve the bonding between silver and glass. An activator is applied after the silver has been deposited to harden the tin and silver coatings. A layer of copper is added for long-term durability and then this is sealed with an epoxy coating. This process results in a highly reflective surface however it is fragile and may chip or scratch while cutting. Please use a neutral glue and protect the edges well as grout may blacken the silver from the sides. Over time spotting may occur this is a normal characteristic of hand silvered glass.

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