Stained Glass

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  • Lastre from Effetre COE104

    Lastre from Effetre COE104

    Handmade, top-quality glass for Moretti. COE 104: compatible with all Moretti and Effetre Glass for fusing and slumping EXCEPT alabaster rods.
  • Effetre Glass Rods

    Effetre Glass Rods

    Effetre's glass studio in Murano. Compatible with all COE 104 glass and millefiori.
  • System 96 Fusible

    System 96 Fusible

    System 96 (COE 96) fusible glass by Wissmach and/or Oceanside Glass (formerly Spectrum). Compatible with all System 96 products.
  • Van Gogh Glass

    Van Gogh Glass

    Van Gogh textured mirror. The colours are deep, vivid and rich. Available in 5×10cm and 15×30cm
  • Effetre Millefiori

    Effetre Millefiori

    Handmade in Murano by Effetre. These millefiori are compatible with Moretti glass for fusions COE104
  • Hand Cut Petals

    Hand Cut Petals

    Hand cut stained glass ovals with pointed ends making them very suitable for petals, leaves, scales or accents in both Tiffany work or mosaic. Easy to cut using wheeled nippers.
  • Hand-Cut Diamond

    Hand-Cut Diamond

    These beautiful diamonds are hand cut by artisans from Tiffany style stained glass.
  • 20mm - Glacier

    20mm - Glacier

    20mm Square Stained Glass Tiles. Available as part or full sheets.
  • Stained Glass Circles

    Stained Glass Circles

    Hand-cut circles of mineral-coloured Tiffany glass in a mixture of five diameters ranging from 15mm to 50mm