Round Tiles

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  • 12mm Round Drops

    12mm Round Drops

    These 12mm opaque glass drops are 6mm thick with a flat base and rounded surface. Uniform in size each perfect circle has straight sides and back for stable placement, they have a rounded top rising to a peak of 6mm. Available in a brilliant variety of colours with either gloss or luster finish. It is not recommended to cut these due to their domed shape so best used whole. Each 50g contains approx. 37 drops.
  • 18mm Round Tiles

    18mm Round Tiles

    A round tile that cuts like a dream, flat with a standard 4mm thickness. The 18mm diameter size combines beautifully with both 15mm and 20mm tiles. They are sintered mosaic made through pressure from recycled glass and 100% eco friendly in gorgeous colours that match the 8mm Ottoman, 12mm tiles, 8mm Round Dots as well the Rectangles.
  • 20mm Round Tiles

    20mm Round Tiles

    Extra Large Round Drops of rich coloured glass in stunning colour combinations finished with a gloss or pearlescent shine. Each drop measures 20mm in diameter and 6mm thick.
  • 8mm Round Tiles

    8mm Round Tiles

    These beautiful round glass tiles made through the sintering process are perfect to add detailing or outlining to your projects.  Measuring approx 7-8mm with a 4mm thickness, these drops are a perfect accompliment to most other most other mosaic tiles.  Available in gloss or pearlised finish.
  • Round Mixes

    Round Mixes

    A 200g mix of beautiful round glass pebbles and mosaic tiles in stunning co-ordinating colours.  Each mix contains at least two or three large glass pebbles, standard and mini glass pebbles alongside a selection of mosaic tiles ranging between 8mm – 20mm.  Please note there may be slight variations between packs. Coverage approx. 20cm x 20cm