Glass Shapes

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  • 4.8mm Micro Glass Cubes

    4.8mm Micro Glass Cubes

    Sintered glass mosaic tiles. Approximately 4.8mm² and 4mm thick at the edge with a slightly domed surface.
  • 10mm Micro Mosaic Triangles

    10mm Micro Mosaic Triangles

    Opaque 10mm equilateral triangle tiles in a vast range of colours, Available in Gloss and Pearlised finish.
  • Fallen Petals

    Fallen Petals

    7 shapes and forms that can be combined to make a dizzying array of flowers.
  • Glass Charms

    Glass Charms

    Hearts, Butterflies, Flowers, Stars and Moons.
  • Glass Petals

    Glass Petals

    Petals made from moulded, sintered, recycled glass in a mix of 2 sizes.
  • Irregular Mixes

    Irregular Mixes

    A mix of Beach Glass, Sea Glass and Transparent Glass Polygon shapes in beautiful coordinating colours
  • Mini Diamonds

    Mini Diamonds

    Opaque sintered glass diamonds with a high-gloss finish.
  • Puzzles


    Soft Glass Puzzles are irregularly-shaped, moulded glass tiles made from recycled float glass with a colour film bonded to the back.
  • Radiant Ellipses

    Radiant Ellipses

    Radiant Ellipse collection are made from high-temperature transparent glass in a beautiful range of colours with an iridescent finish.
  • Rectangles


    Rectangular tiles are made from sintered recycled glass measure 12x38x6mm.
  • Sea Glass

    Sea Glass

    Polygonal shapes with a subtle colour and frosty finish.
  • Stix


    Stix are available in two sizes 20mm & 25mm long .