Glass & Mirror Strips

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  • Regalia Mirror Strips

    Regalia Mirror Strips

    5cm x 15cm strips. Regalia is made from artisanal mouth blown glass with a mercury mirrored backing that is then protected with a layer of epoxy. The artisanal production process results in a huge variety of textures and tones within a single batch. The bubbles, ripples and other tiny irregularities are indicative of traditional glass and mirror making and are desirable to those who appreciate authenticity and tradition. Using mercury means that this product is much less expensive than silvered glass. This saving is about 50% and that makes these great value. As with all mirror please use a pH neutral glue.
  • Stained Glass Strips

    Stained Glass Strips

    Mini stained glass sheet of 5cm x 15cm. These are perfect for use in wall mounted mosaics or murals as well as on 3D mosaics for the garden or patio. Not recommended for direct contact with clothing or skin such as on furniture or spas and swimming pools as the edges are sharp. If you wish to use it in art that may be in contact with bare skin please use a grinding stone to soften/dull the edges.