Geometric Shapes

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  • 10mm Micro Mosaic Triangles

    10mm Micro Mosaic Triangles

    These 10mm triangles are a perfect craft micro mosaic tile which can also be used for other crafting projects. They have been manufactured to compliment the ottoman range of mosaic tiles with a good colour match
  • 4.8mm Micro Glass Cubes

    4.8mm Micro Glass Cubes

    Sintered glass mosaic tiles. Approximately 4.8mm┬▓ and 4mm thick at the edge with a slightly domed surface.
  • Ceramic Rectangle

    Ceramic Rectangle

    The building block of mosaics since the beginning of the art was the square and next came the rectangle. Edging, outlining and detail was formed by painstaking cutting of squares into rectangles. Now we have done the hard work for you with our moulded, formed and glazed rectangle mix in low fired ceramic. The longest is 20mm the shortest 10 so that you will always find one that works in your project. The mix is made up of *4mm x 10mm *6mm x 15mm *10mm x 20mm *all 4mm thick NB Not suitable for outdoors unless they are sealed on the back first.
  • Ceramic Triangle

    Ceramic Triangle

    The perfect addition to our range of high fired ceramic tils. The high gloss ceramic triangles are 15mm on each side and 5mm thick giving maximum flexibility in combination with each other or other ceramic tiles. Combine 2 to make diamonds, 3 for trapezoids and 6 for hexagons. The 60 degree angle means that they can be placed side by side to create straight lines or off set to create curved lines with no nipping. Excellent for borders, outlines, in fill or detailing. Seal the back side before use in extreme weather.
  • Mini Diamonds

    Mini Diamonds

    Mini diamonds in sintered glass made from recycled windows and natural minerals. Each molded piece is 12mm wide and 19mm long and 6mm thick. As they are slightly thicker than some of our vitreous and stained glass they should be used for making borders or as relief accents.
  • Rectangles


     These beautiful rectangular tiles are made from sintered recycled glass measure 12x38x6mm. The tiles cut beautifully with wheeled nippers, perfect for borders and frames.
  • Stix


    These Stix are 20mm long x 6mm and 5mm width. They are perfect for outlining or infilling your designs and will cut easily with wheeled nippers.