Ceramic Tiles

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  • Bullseyes: Circle Parts

    Bullseyes: Circle Parts

    We took a 40mm diameter circle and cut it up into its parts and created a mould to make our new crazy Bullseye pieces. Curves, Arches, Waves, S Bends, Fans...a whole new language of shapes is instantly created. Wonderful for making the Art Nouveau and Deco designs that are all the rage in home furnishings. And no cutting! What could be better...our fabulous mix and match colours! The mix is made up of *1/4 Curve with inner diameter of 10mm *1/4 Curve with inner diameter of 20mm *1/4 Circle of 11mm *all 5mm thick NB Not suitable for outdoors unless they are sealed on the back first.
  • Ceramic Charms

    Ceramic Charms

    A collection of high fired ceramic shapes glazed in brilliant colours each piece is 18mm-22mm and 4mm thick 50g's = approx. 24 tiles
  • Ceramic Discs

    Ceramic Discs

    Mixed discs 12mm, 15mm and 20mm in high gloss glazed colours. Each disc is 5mm thick and is high fired and can be used indoors and outdoors. Thy can be easily cut in half or quarters using wheeled nippers.
  • Ceramic Jigsaw

    Ceramic Jigsaw

    These beautiful ceramic puzzle pieces have been high fired from premium clay with a frost and scratch resistance glaze so they can be used inside and outside all year round.  They are twice fired individually so that the edges are slightly cantered and smooth.   Each edge varies from 0.4mm to as long as 2cm with a 4mm thickness.  100g = approx. 90 pieces and covers an area of 13x13cm
  • Ceramic Petals

    Ceramic Petals

    Molded ceramic petal forms in a variety of colours in a mixture of 2 sixes. Each petal is 5mm thick. The small petal is 14mm long and 6mm wide, the large petal is 21mm long and 9.5mm wide. UVA resistant these forms are made for indoor use. To use outside please seal before using on the back side using diluted pva or primer.
  • Ceramic Rectangle

    Ceramic Rectangle

    The building block of mosaics since the beginning of the art was the square and next came the rectangle. Edging, outlining and detail was formed by painstaking cutting of squares into rectangles. Now we have done the hard work for you with our moulded, formed and glazed rectangle mix in low fired ceramic. The longest is 20mm the shortest 10 so that you will always find one that works in your project. The mix is made up of *4mm x 10mm *6mm x 15mm *10mm x 20mm *all 4mm thick NB Not suitable for outdoors unless they are sealed on the back first.
  • Ceramic Teardrops

    Ceramic Teardrops

    These beautiful teardrops are a perfect addition to our ceramics range, a combination of two sizes, the larger is a delicate long teardrop of 30mm and just 10mm at its widest point. The smaller is a classic drop shape of 15mm long and 8mm wide. Together they can be combined to make flowers, ferns, trees or art deco borders. *all 5mm thick
  • Ceramic Triangle

    Ceramic Triangle

    The perfect addition to our range of high fired ceramic tils. The high gloss ceramic triangles are 15mm on each side and 5mm thick giving maximum flexibility in combination with each other or other ceramic tiles. Combine 2 to make diamonds, 3 for trapezoids and 6 for hexagons. The 60 degree angle means that they can be placed side by side to create straight lines or off set to create curved lines with no nipping. Excellent for borders, outlines, in fill or detailing. Seal the back side before use in extreme weather.
  • Large Ceramic Petals

    Large Ceramic Petals

    A Selection of Large Ceramic Petals measuring 60mm x 15mm and 6.5mm wide. These tiles will make fabulous organic and natural shapes such as petals, flowers, leaves, waves and baroque details
  • Mini Charms

    Mini Charms

    High fired ceramic in a variety of interesting shapes...hearts, stars, arrows, circles, triangles and much much more. The sizes range from 8mm-12mm and are all 4mm thick with a tough, glossy glaze. Perfect to match with our other ceramic range. 25g's contains approx. 48 charms