Ceramic Tiles

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  • Ceramic Charms

    Ceramic Charms

    A collection of high fired ceramic shapes glazed in brilliant colours
  • Ceramic Petals

    Ceramic Petals

    Moulded ceramic petal forms in a variety of colours in a mixture of 2 sizes.
  • 25mm Ceramic Petals

    25mm Ceramic Petals

    25mm single size petals. Beautifully proportioned pointed ellipses ideal for making a variety of shapes and forms.
  • Ceramic Discs

    Ceramic Discs

    Mixed discs 12mm, 15mm and 20mm in high gloss glazed colours.
  • Ceramic Jigsaw

    Ceramic Jigsaw

    Jigsaw pieces high-fired from premium clay with a frost- and scratch-resistant glaze.
  • Ceramic Triangle

    Ceramic Triangle

    High gloss ceramic triangles 15mm on each side and 5mm thick.
  • Mini Charms

    Mini Charms

    High fired ceramic in a variety of interesting shapes...hearts, stars, arrows, circles, triangles and more.
  • Byzantine Soft Stone

    Byzantine Soft Stone

    These tiles can be cut with ordinary scissors and therefore perfect for children

  • Emaux de Briare

    Emaux de Briare

    25mm Mazurka Porcelain. Made with full coloured porcelain mass and high fired for complete vitrification,
  • Winckelman


    Winckelman's is a French Porcelain manufacturer of quality unglazed quarry tiles since 1894, the tile of choice for traditional Roman style mosaic.
  • Mosa: 15x15cm

    Mosa: 15x15cm

    Royal Mosa tiles are made from low-fired ceramic and available in a wide range of glossy colours.
  • Cinca Portuguese Ceramic

    Cinca Portuguese Ceramic

    Excellent choice for garden mosaics and stepping stones. Slightly thinner and easier to cut than Cesi.